Founded by Cotton Babies CEO Jennifer Labit, Share the Love is a non-profit program that distributes local resources to nearby families in need. This provides a consistent, scalable framework that is key to sustaining our communities. Learn more below!

Program Information

Share the Love is a national cloth diaper bank that works to achieve one goal:
eliminate diaper need and poverty in our local communities.

Founded in 2012 by Cotton Babies CEO Jennifer Labit, Share the Love provides cloth diapers to low-income families.

With a growing network of host sites operated by volunteers who want to make a difference, Share the Love has become a nationally accessible program with more than 100 locations nationwide.

Through education, resources and support, Share the Love does more than just distribute diapers. It teaches people about the underlying effects of poverty such as diaper need. It enables more parents to provide their babies with clean diapers. It allows a family to buy better meals, pay a bill and save for the future. But most importantly, Share the Love provides hope to those who need a caring, helping hand.

Make a difference in your neighborhood.

Jennifer Labit

I wanted to create a giving organization that could grow with the help of, but unhindered by Cotton Babies. I wanted a giving organization that could grow… and grow… and grow!