No one should have to choose between food, diapers and other basic necessities, but many families are forced into this situation each day. If you are living this reality, know that there is hope with Share the Love. Through this program, low-income families who receive assistance from programs like WIC and TANF may be able to receive a set of cloth diapers — for free.

There Is No Cost To Approved Families

Share the Love relies on cloth diaper donations from caring people who support our mission to end poverty and diaper need in our communities.  All diapers distributed through this program are loaned to qualified families for an extended amount of time.

Every application submitted to Share the Love is carefully considered, and diapers are distributed on a case-by-case basis to eligible families.

Want To Apply?


Be a U.S. resident

Have a valid photo ID

Obtain proof of enrollment in WIC, TANF or any other assistance program

Complete the Share the Love application in its entirety and agree to the Terms of Service.

Check your email after applying to the program! A Share the Love host site will review and respond to your application within 10 business days.

A Few Things to Keep in Mind:

  • All information submitted to Share the Love is kept confidential. It is never shared or distributed.
  • Applicants who are approved to receive cloth diapers through Share the Love will need to pick up any loaned product from a designated host site or pay a small shipping and handling fee.
  • Recipients assume all responsibility for any cloth diaper accessory – such as detergent, wipes, fasteners, etc. – that is not distributed through Share the Love.
  • By accepting diapers from Share the Love, recipients are accountable for each product loaned. This means all diapers must be properly cared for and returned to the host site by the date specified in the lending agreement.
  • Recipients will be subject to a $50 penalty for not returning loaned product to the original Share the Love host site by the date specified in the lending agreement or by a child’s third birthday.
  • Diapers loaned through Share the Love cannot be sold or distributed by the recipient.
  • Failure to comply with Share the Love’s Terms of Service could lead to ineligibility for future assistance.